Tunstall Court, Hartlepool

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Well Last night/today has been eventful, been up early to go to college, finished college then realised i had a deadline for tomorrow, been up the entire night doing my essay, took my 10 hours to do. i dont even know how to describe myself at the moment. 

I’ve had 5 cups of coffee and im wide awake but i just feel like death =\


So we had an idea, and I made my first cross-joint :D

my immense photography skills ><

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paid for my new york trip, £475 for 4 night stay :) cannot wait to go now!

paid for my new york trip, £475 for 4 night stay :) cannot wait to go now!

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oh you, katie, you so random

oh you, katie, you so random


The sunrise over Q.hill

I decided to try and go over the top on editing one of them to see what happens, kinda looks like a trippy man brain thing to me.

Thank you for leaving your camera behind :p 

nee bosh :D

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Decided to go on a trip around Q.hill with cameras. We got lucky and met a guy with a bird of prey, and he was kind enough to let us photograph it, and his dog. There’s also cemeteries and shit. 

im here for you, i care for all my friends, then you ignore me for no reason?

im here for you, i care for all my friends, then you ignore me for no reason?

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pissed off

the amount of college work that needs to be done is actually pathetic, fair enough im doing a degree in computing and networking but is their really any need in writing 2000 word essays? i mean c’mon… you dont even need to write that much when you actually do get a job in what you want, unless your some sort of writer for a newspaper.

one of my modules is to write a blog about anything that has a reflection, i suppose that’s why im writing this now because im in the writing mood. Just also need to get a few things off my chest. College is just stressful, it honestly takes the piss, especially the lecturers. dont even get me started on the students, theyre just as immature as the lecturers, all i’ve heard today is “dean, come help me with this please?”.. “dean can i borrow you two seconds?”.. quite frankly im sick of it, i have my own work to do, fuck off and do your own. ugh people honestly.. grow some balls and tackle things on your own, that’s what you signed up to do. next they will be asking me to tackle all of their life’s problems.

you could say im a nasty fucker, but honestly im just stressed to bits with the amount of college work and the shite i have to put up with in there.

It sucks to know how much you mean to me and how oblivious you are to it.

but i guess i just have to remain quiet, seeing how happy you are.

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